Some Tips to consider.

● Write as much details of your story as posible, like:
● Location of the incident. Provide the name and describe the place.
● Date the incident happened.
● Names, Ages, and Vocations of the people in your story.
● Describe the people in your story. What they look like, eg: muscular, big, thin, tall, has a moustache, beard,...etc.
● Tell us your feelings when the incident happened, and your feelings now.
● If you can, use some of your native language but must give translation. Put your translations in parenthese. Example: The
bomoh (witch doctor) gave me a potion.
● If you have pictures, please indicate that I should contact you for them.
Please proceed when you are ready.

Important! Please read before proceeding.
The story you are submitting will be re-written and published on the either the website "", in the eerietales book series, or anywhere at all. All published materials will be the property of '' and 'eeritales' will reserve the rights to all stories contributed. You name as you provided will be listed as a contributor at the end of the story.