SilverCrow 7000
Power Saver and Spike Arrester Card
For your information
When you scour the internet you’ll find many companies selling electric saver devices that claim to be able to reduce the home and business electricity bills. It really doesn’t matter does it which product it is as long as it works?

Well, to know if the product works is quite tricky, really. Do you judge by the reduction in your electricity bill or do you follow some tech-savvy guru telling you they work or not? Do technical jargons impress you? Should a company use all kinds of techno jargons to make you think their product work because they have you believe they know their stuff? Well, if a company needs to use a lot of technical explanation about their product to a consumer whose only interest is reducing his bill, the company is clearly trying to sell based on confusing the consumer.

We are not saying their products don’t work, we are simply saying, “Who cares about their mumbo jumbo? Just give us something that works.”

We are all tired of these kinds of marketing strategies, aren’t we? So
SilverCrow is not going to associate any scientific explanation with our product, instead we are just going to give you your money back if you are not satisfied.

But before you order our product, do some thinking. We’d like to ask you a very simple question. How do you determine if an electricity-reducing device works or not? Do you install the device and then expect a substantial reduction on your next power billing? If that is how you think, then you are going to be disappointed. You see, the way power companies bill you, here in Singapore at least, is confusing.
The power company in Singapore does not take meter reading every month, so they have to do some estimation on how much a household uses each month. In the long run, your bills sorts of average out, so they claim.

So, to buy a power saving product and test its effectiveness becomes difficult. You’ll have to use the product for a few months before seeing any change in the billing.
This is actually not so straightforward--to test the device accurately means you’ll have to be using the same amount of electricity for many months and then stop using the electric saver device and then carry on with the same usage for the next few months and then compare the difference in your billing. This method of testing is unrealistic and does not take into account spikes that occur that are not controllable.

Spikes cause power to surge and they consume a higher amount of electricity each time they happen, albeit a negligent amount, but they do add up. Spikes can amount from $3 to $15 every month. If you can save money on the spikes alone, you’ll be saving some 5% to 15% on your monthly bills.

Spikes occur when you throw a switch on or off. They also occur when your electrical appliances, which have a thermostat, turn themselves on and off; for example, your air-conditioning units, your water heater, and your clothe irons.

We think you should not have to worry about spikes or anything else for that matter. You should only be concerned with the money you spend on your electricity bills every month. The lesser the better.

SilverCrow wants to give you the opportunity to buy our product at a very affordable price of only $29.90 Singapore dollars, and that’s not all, we’ll give you a money back guarantee if you return the product between the 3rd and 4th month, which is ample time for you to see differences in your bills.

Note: On the first and second month of the card being installed, your power bill may actually increase by a little, but that will soon go down and lower than your average amount prior to the card being installed.

At only SGD 29.90 ,
there is little to lose but everything
to gain

Get SilverCrow Power Saving and Spike Arrester Card
today and start saving money with a peace of mind.

*Please read the refund procedure before ordering the SilverCrow 7000 Power Saver and Spike Arrester Card.