The Yellow Rose

The sweet and simple yellow rose radiates an unassuming
charm yet it asserts, firmly, freedom. Sincerity is another realised
meaning of the yellow rose, especially after a break up or divorce when
the couple remain true friends. It is the symbol of the celebration
of the newly embarked friendship—a new beginning.

Expressing joy in someone's accomplishment can be said
with the yellow rose. On any joyful occasion: be it birth of a newborn,
securing a job, getting a pay raise, or anything at all that signals success
and accomplishment can be conveyed with the yellow rose.

The cheerful yellow rose is not spared from negativities;
the Yellow rose embodies jealousy, sedition, lack of fervour, and an end
of things. But the yellow rose's closed door also means an opening of a
new one. So, the same flower can symbolise the closure, and a new
beginning, of a relationship simultaneously.

A yellow rose can also be used to send a warning to someone;
a warning of something about to end or change, or even things not going
right. The receiver could heed the warning and make necessary
enquiries to mend or improve things. In return, the receiver could
send his own yellow rose to indicate a warning heeded
and a fresh new start on the way.

Human nature naturally focuses on the bright side
of things, so the yellow rose has gained more positive connotations than
negative ones. Hence, it is mostly associated with bright and sunny,
or the dawn of a new day.

Good occasions to send a yellow rose would be when
making up after a fight, or to show contentment in a marriage, or
to relate a sense of security in a relationship, or simply to say
'I'm comfortable with you.'



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