The White Rose

White is the colour of purity and virtue.
Sincerity, chastity, innocence, and untainted are some of
the virtues imbued into the white rose. When confessing pure love
without passion for the flesh, send a white rose. It signals a love that
transcends all bodily needs. A bouquet of white roses can mean spiritual
love, a love between siblings, parents and children, and friendship
of the truest form. Lovers also send white roses to signify their
everlasting love or unchanging loyalty for one another.

At weddings, the white rose bouquet
proclaims virginity, loyalty, faithfulness, youthfulness, ignorance
and innocence.

The white rosebud takes the meaning further still.
The white rosebud says I'm young, very young, too young for any other
love than the virtuous. It can also mean girlhood, immaturity
and vulnerability.

A white rose has its bitter side as well.
When withered or faded, a white rose can be insulting to receive.
A message like, 'You don't impress me,' is one. When sending an
unwanted admirer an unspoken message of rejection, a bunch
of faded white rose can accomplish the task.



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