The meaning in Roses

Out of the multitude of flowers in nature, only the
rose holds much mystery in meaning. All of its meanings are
personal, and always linked to the matters of the heart.
The foremost is, of course, love.

The colour of the rose gives it its primary meaning.
A single red rose signifies life-long love and devotion; the
richer the red, the stronger the passion.

Even the rosebud conveys a meaning;
it says 'innocent love.' While maintaining purity of the present,
the unopened bud signifies a promising future.

A white rose, in general, says purity and peace. The white
rosebud is a little more specific; apart from symbolising innocence
and immaculacy, it also suggests virginity.

The number of roses presented also has
significance; a single rose conveys simplicity and intimacy, two roses
convey gratitude or marriage in coming, twelve roses is an ultimate
declaration of love.

A single rose of any colour can also convey gratitude.
The single rose in full bloom tells of abiding love. It says to the
receiver, 'Loving you always.'

A single rose has the power of simplicity and directness.
When wanting to not be ambiguous in your message, send a single
rose of the appropriate colour. Along with the rose, a card expressing
your feelings in brief should discard any doubts, for not everyone is
well versed in the language of the rose.

In the next page we look at the meaning of each
coloured rose in more detail.


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