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The rose has become an indispensable messenger.
But as a messenger, it can perplex us with its sometimes dubious
meanings; it speaks different languages with different colours and tints.
Maybe it's this filling-in-the-blanks that makes receiving a rose
rather a rousing saga.

The meanings of colours on roses intertwine,
so don't get too bogged down with accuracy, for no matter what,
the receiver still has to surmise according to their personal grasp of the
meaning. In any case, a card expressing your feelings would
clear any doubts.

Here are some broadly accepted meanings of the rose flower.

Red = True Love, Romance and Passion, Respect, Courage

White = Spiritual love, Secrecy, Purity, Reverance, Humility, Innocence, Silence

Yellow = Friendship, Joy, Love Waning, Begining

Green = Jealousy, Abundance

Pink = Appreciation, Gratitude, Understanding, Sympathetic

Lavender or Purple =
Uniqueness, Grace, Gentility, Refinement, Elegance, Enchantment, Love at First Sight

Blue = Uniqueness, Mysterious

Burgundy = Unconcious Beauty

Peach and Pale Colours = Sociability, Friendship, Gratitude, Tenderness, Modesty

Orange = Fascination, Desire, Secret love

Black = Death, Hatred, Farewell



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