The Red Rose

The red rose is by far the most intriguing. Poets have cited it,
singers have sung of it, and artists have painted it. The rich blood
colour of the red rose gives it a sexual passion like none other.
Even Cleopatra adorned her bedroom with a carpet of red roses
when she received Marc Anthony. Without a doubt, the red rose
screams passionate love, one that transcends time.

Today, the red rose is the flower of choice for passionate
lovers expressing their deepest heartfelt love. On no other day is
this clearly evident than on Saint Valentines Day. The red rose,
with its free expression of love, will hopefully bring love to
humankind on more occasions than
Saint Valentines Day alone.

A single red rose simply says, 'I love you.' The brighter the red,
the more passionate the confession.

The many shades of the red rose sing many songs; it intones courage,
power, respect, admiration, appreciation and congratulation.

Where rosebuds are concerned, the red rosebud speaks
of gentle youthfulness, innocence, freshness, purity, and loveliness.

In a marriage, the red rose can mean domestic bliss, love
strengthening, and a marriage full of live and exuberance.

A red rose is not spared from our unkind stigmatisation.
When withered, the red rose connotes the less desirable;
it insultingly hints the receiver of his or her beauty passed its prime.
Another sad connotation is ‘passion gone cold.'

The red rose, however, is the flower of choice for most events.
The fact that it has too many positive connotations, one should not
go wrong sending a red rose.



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