The Purple Rose

Another clever deception from technology--the purple rose.
The closest nature comes to purple is lilac or lavender. Nature may not
have the need for a blue or purple rose, but humans do, so enter
technology. In furure we may even see roses with
unimaginable colours.

Humans have attached the purple rose
symbols of enchantment, irresistible attraction, first-sight
enthrallment, and magic. If there is a person who has enchanted you
at first sight, seek the purple rose to convey your feelings.
When you are taken by someone's irresistible beauty or charm,
let them know with a purple rose.

Beware though if you are the receiver of the purple rose.
The sender's feelings associated with the flower may be temporary.
The sender may have merely followed his impulse to express just
that—his impulsive feelings. At the time, he may have found the way
you look or spoke extremely appealing. A spark of hormonal explosions
in the sender may have made him act spontaneously. This magical
feeling in the sender may soon wane.

Purple is also the colour of royalty, opulence, glory and majesty.



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