The Pink Rose

Affection is one of the foremost significance of the delicate
pink rose. However, it is more widely taken to symbolise gentleness
and gracefulness. For the elegant class, the pink rose could signify
refinement, astuteness, and decorum. On the more innocent note,
the pink rose expresses joy, happiness, and fun of
the carefree nature.

The ‘happiness' connotation the pink rose carries makes it ideal in
bouquets that decorate the bridal bower. Other occasions the pink rose
sees its popularity are birthdays and anniversaries.

Where there are no ‘love' overtones, the pink rose can
greatly emphasise the touching feeling of appreciation and gratitude.
Say ‘Thank You' with pink roses if you mean it from the
bottom of your heart.

The pink rose also conveys a gentle brewing love that
has not yet reached passion. Any emotion of love not yet reached its
pinnacle, but has the potential to, can be expressed with a pink rose.
Sending a pink rose to someone can also be a nice way to say
he or she is a delight to be with.

The beautiful and gentle pink rose does not come
without its fair share of darkness. An ancient Roman legend has it that
Apollo turned Rhodanthe into a pink rose when she tried her role
as the protector for women. In the shadow of the legend, the pink
rose depicts pain, suffering and death. But in the general consensus,
the pink rose sees more of the sun than the darkness of the legend,
so it is fairly save tosend a pink rose on all happy occasions.

The pink rose has many shades: light pink, pale pink
and dark pink. They have slightly different meanings, so send a card
with the pink rose to clear all doubts.

If you remember only one thing of the pink rose,
remember the pink rose is associated with the beginning of feelings,
feelings of love and/or a wonderful relationship.


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