The Peach Rose

“The modest blush of a virgin girl.” Says the Peach Rose.

In many ways the peach rose is like the pink.
It is innocent, simple, demure and pure. There is no doubt the
peach rose is innocently beautiful, but one must not link it to total
naivety, for the peach rose has its sophistication. It is elegant
and graceful, and it is well suited as a symbol of success in
both business and pleasure.

In a social gathering, the peach rose denotes
friendliness, harmony, peace, geniality, appreciation, gratitude and
great happiness. Due to its connotations of sincerity, the peach rose
is ideal to show earnestness in gestures.

The beautiful peach rose is delicate and dainty,
but the strength of its symbols makes it the flower of choice in many
social gatherings and celebrations of friendship.

Send a bouquet of peach roses the
next time you want to express earnest congratulatory regards,
or just to say I appreciate your friendship.



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