The Orange Rose

“Marianne walked by
and the whiff of her perfume engulfed me
with burning passion of love.”

Ever had someone leave you burning with sexual desire?
If yes, don't just fantasies about them afterwards, let them
know about it!

But before you go running to them with your confession,
think! No one is going to take that kind of forwardness comfortably.
Well, maybe not all.
How about using a lovable messenger to do the nerve
chilling approach for you? Yes, the messenger is the Orange Rose.
The beautiful, screaming bright orange, rose is the number one flower
for just kind of situation. It is not a crude, rude, or tacky way to
let the person know of their effect on you.

Apart from being the high energy lovers' flower,
the orange rose can also symbolise newness, or the beginning of
something. You can also give someone an orange rose when they make
you proud, or when you have great respect and admiration for them.



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