The Lilac Rose

This lovely lilac rose symbolises
love at first sight, or first-felt emotions of love.

When the heart throbs at the sight of
a stunningly beautiful person, or from a gracious touch from
someone you have always longed for, or an unexpected smile from a
secretly admired person, and you don't understand why. You now
know you are feeling the feelings of love
for the very first time.

The meaning attached to the lilac rose is less
known than the other coloured roses. So, when sending someone
the lilac rose to express your unbearable first emotions of love,
send a card to say what you feel.

Do you believe in love at fisrt sight? If you do,
the lilac rose is for you. The message a rose carries is ten times more
powerful than a smile, so don't let love slip away after the smile.
Offer more than a smile, offer the lilac rose.



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