The Green Rose

Green, a colour so abundant in nature has the Green Rose
itself associated with abundance. With its colour association to
abundance, it is also popularly called the ‘flower of fertility.'
Ironically, the flower itself does not grow in
abundance in nature.

The green rose symbolises richness,
bountiful and copiousness.

The cycle of life in nature is a miracle of rejuvenation of
mother Earth. Being the ambassador of nature, the green rose is also
appreciated as a symbol of rejuvenation. The rain on the meadows,
the freshness of spring, the misty mornings, and more, gives
the green rose its true meaning and beauty.

Besides being a naturally pleasing colour, green imparts
a sense of balance of nature, stability, and peace. Surprise the people
you care for with the subtle green rose and see their eyes glimmer
in delight. The green rose speaks of sincere positive nuances
without the overtones of love.

Unfortunately, green is also the colour of envy.
Green has gained a more prominent association with envy than with
richness and abundance. Therefore, when we receive a green rose,
many of us will interpret it to mean someone is envious of us.
Naturally, a card with a message sent with the
green rose will clear all doubts.



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