The Blue Rose

If there is such a thing as a blue rose, it won't be natural.
A lavender rose has often been mistaken for blue. Another mistaken
colour is lilac, which is more light purple, actually. Roses lack the
pigment to produce blue, so technology has given nature a nudge.
The blue Rose, with its enigmatic presence, has earned it an
appropriate connotation—mystery.

The blue rose, due to its nature of being, also symbolises the
impossible or the unattainable. When perserverance eventually
achieves the unachievable, the blue rose could just be right for the
congratulatory occasion.

Just as the blue rose is rare and mysterious, so are some people.
When meeting someone with qualities that charm you in an enigmatic
way, you could send them a blue rose to tell them just that.

Like a hard to decipher dream, the blue rose is admired and
revered as an unrealisable dream itself. When someone receives a blue
rose, he or she should know their mysterious character has garnered
much interests and speculation.

To make someone feel extra ordinary,
send them this dream of a flower.



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