The Black Rose

The black rose, like the blue, is another creation of man.
The closest a natural rose comes to be taken as black is dark maroon,
and is sometimes called the 'Black Magic Rose.'

The black rose is often associated with death or mourning.
It does not have to be the death of a person, the black rose can also
mean the death of a belief, or association, or even business partnership.
It generally signifies drastic change from one way to another.
Sometimes, a dead rose of any colour is used to signify end of
things, but it is less classy.

In days of old, black roses were sent to foes signifying
an imminent vengeance. A vengeance of the old times often meant
murder. Therefore, the black rose is not a delightful rose
to send or receive.

On the positive side, black roses can interpret end of something
bad and beginning of something good. Rebel groups have long adopted
the black rose to symbolise courage and strength
during mutiny over freedom.

As beautiful as the black rose may be,
it still carries more negative connotations than positive ones.
So, unless you know exactly what you want to convey,
stay away from the black rose.



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