Welcome to Shan Dani's Digital Art Gallery

My name is Shan Dani. I have worked in many areas in the creative field.
I used to do Graphic Design and Photography as a profession. Recently, I've gotten interested in One-Line and Abstract Art.
One Line Art, as the name suggests, is a drawing that has only ONE line. I do not lift the stylus until the drawing is finished.
I get my inspiration from images I have seen or just from memory.
I also do Abstract Art. With Abstract Art, I do not know what I will get until the art is finished.
I may have an idea to draw a woman's face, for example, but do not know what it would look like until it is finished. I leave it to my
hand and eyes to form the figures while my mind takes a break. Sometimes, the art looks bizarre and even kiddish,
but that is the beauty of Abstract Art.
I hope you will like my work, and I will surely do more. I am also trying other stuff, and I will put them up soon.
By the way, the videos have been sped up so as not to lull the viewer.
Go ahead and click the button below to start viewing my Art Gallery.

The Woman