Zhang Zhonggjing, a prominent Chinese Physician of ancient china, once said, “He who delivers cure before the onset of a disease is a great physician.” In today's context, it means, “Prevention is better than cure.”

There are many health care foods and supplements in the world today; however, there is one that stands out as the leading miraculous health food—it is Lingzhi. Lingzhi is a mushroom called Ganoderma, or “Reishi,” as it's known in Japan .

It should be noted that Ganoderma is not a medicine; it is classified as a food.

Today, a lot of people would have heard of Lingzhi, but not many know much about it. Some who know little about Lingzhi may not understand the true benefits of it, so we hope to dispel any misconceptions of Lingzhi here.

The benefits of consuming Lingzhi.

A good quality Lingzhi contains many active components, of which the five most active are:

Polysaccharide: Strengthens the immune system and improves body constitution.

Triterpenoids: Improves liver functions, lessens allergies, and promotes platelet count.

Adenosine: Improves blood circulation and promotes platelet count.

Organic Germanium: Rejuvenate cells, anti-aging, and prevents acidic body constitution.

Lingzhi 8 Protein: Modulates immune system, activates body's natural defence cells, and enhances cell regeneration.

Not all Lingzhi products in the market contain all the 5 components, thus their efficacy vary. Due to the superior composition in the Lingzhi produced by Shuang Hor Group, it qualifies as a superior species capable of helping us achieve good health.

In layman term, Lingzhi:

= Protects the heart by improving blood circulation, reducing bad cholesterol level, and acts as a blood thinner.

= Improves and modulates the immune system by preventing common cough, cold, and allergies. It also improves body constitution and regulates the immune system.

= Enhances cellular health, which leads to healthy organs and a healthy body, preventing degenerative diseases.

= Detoxifies the body and Improves liver function.

(Do note that Lingzhi does not cure; instead, it normalizes and regulates the body constitution via the above benefits.)