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The Apparitions
Tuberculosis Center
Soulmate Notebook


The Apparitions
My sister laughed silly as I struck a sexy pose with my delicious nectarine. I don't know why we were posing with our fruits, but we did. We had a laughing fit that took us rolling to the floor.

"Do another one! Do another one! Please, please, pretty please dear sissy, do another one." My sister pled, laughing as she did.

"Okay, okay go ahead and laugh at my expense. Here, how do you like this one?" I did a slightly naughty pose, which made my sister cackle even more than before.

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw a woman running towards me. I snapped to look. God, she was still coming at me! I jumped two feet in the air, screaming my head off.

Pow! The woman vanished!

My sister didn't know what had happened, but was terrified nevertheless of my hysterical scream. I could not speak of it that night, but I insisted my sister and I slept in the same bed, which we later did.

As the days went by, I was able to push the incident of the woman behind me. I was back to my happy ol' self, and wandered about in the house precariously as always.

Then one night, I woke up in the middle of my sleep feeling very thirsty. I looked at my sister, she was blissfully sleeping in her bed. So, I got up and left our room for the kitchen. As I turned on the kitchen light, I caught a glimpse of a little boy coming out from behind our high chair. The boy had a whitish complexion over all, except around his eyes, they were dark. I notice yet another thing that was peculiar about him—his irises were red, like an albino rabbit's.

Strangely, I was pretty cool about it. I simply turned around and walked out of the kitchen mumbling. "Okay, I'm not thirsty anymore, thank you very much." Before turning off the light, I glanced back, and the boy was gone! I turned out the lights and ran like hell to my room.

I thought the strange apparitions only haunted me at home, but I was wrong. My friend, Stephanie, and I were at the school library the next day searching for a book for an art project when I heard a soft whisper. I turned toward the whisper but saw nothing, only an empty aisle between racks of books.

"Pssst. Steph, did you hear that?" I asked in a low breathy whisper.

"Hear what?" Stephanie replied nonchalantly. "I didn't hear anything."

Stephanie looked at me, waiting for me to say something else but I was too shaken. I turned away from Stephanie and began flipping the pages of the book in my hand.

At home that night, I spoke with another friend, Kailoni, and told her what had happened at the library. As Kailoni spoke, I heard the familar whisper coming from the telephone earpiece. I asked Kailoni about it, but she claimed she heard nothing. Then, after several minutes of talking, Kailoni stopped me.

"Whoa whoa whoa, Jen, I think I heard whatever it was that you heard earlier!" She said excitedly.

We became scared and hung up the phone soon after. In my excited state, I knew I could not sleep, so I decided to surf the internet. I was barely thirty minutes at my computer when my room light started to flicker. I looked at my sister, who was lying in her bed reading a magazine. We stared into each other's scared eyes.

"I think it's time to sleep now." We uttered in unison.

Three weeks after the flickering light incident, I experienced no other apparitions or strange activities. I was glad. Soon my life was back to normal and I was thankful. Unfortunately, I thanked too soon.

Recently, I have begun to see and hear more strange things. I see shadows moving about on walls when there is nothing there to create them, and hear strange noises and voices from unseen sources. One incident of this kind happened recently. Again, it was in the library. There were only three of us in the library that day: the librarian, her assistant, and myself.

As I sat at the table with my face sunk into my books, I heard whispers and clanking noises coming from a book aisle near me. I thought the librarian and her assistant were making the noise, so I ignored it. At some point later, I lifted my head and looked to the distance to rest my eyes. I saw the librarian and her assistant busy at their desks. Fear began to overwhelm me. Before I could get off my chair, I noticed the computer on my left side behaving rather abnormally. The prompt on the screen was bouncing about everywhere when it should be stationary in the centre as the others. I knew it could just have been a technical problem. But, then again, who knows? I didn't wait to find out. I grabbed my books, dumped them into my bag and scooted.

At home that evening, my sister brought back pictures of our recent vacation in Reno. Looking through the pictures, one struck me as odd. In it, I was posing with my aunt, and behind us was a menacing black orb that seemed to be moving toward us. I remember quiet vividly that there was no black ball-thing anywhere at the time the picture was taken. This is a mystery I cannot figure out.

Some days later, in the library again, I experienced another weird event. That afternoon, my friend, Stephanie, and I were looking through some books when I noticed a very cute looking guy going into one of the aisles in front of us. I nudged at Stephanie, we slid the books back onto the self, and rushed out to look for him. We entered the aisle I saw him going into, but he was not there. There was no way he could have left without us seeing him because there was only one entrance, and we went into it after him. He had vanished in thin air!

All these apparitions started when I was five years old. One night, I heard my mother telling me to lock the kitchen door and go to bed. So I did just that. Suddenly, I heard loud banging sounds coming from the kitchen. I rushed down and saw the kitchen door shaking with the clamour. I was frightened and began to cry for my mother. Instead of coming to me, my mother yelled at me from behind the door. You see, I had locked her out of the house; she had gone out to the backyard to gather the laundry.—I don't know what was so strange about this incident that it started me seeing and experiencing these strange things.

If I was the only one who heard and saw those weird things, I could say maybe I was psychotic, but Stephanie and my sister experienced some of the things too. So, what am I to make of these strange voices and figures that I constantly see?

Jennifer oupahat, 14
High School Student, USA


Tuberculosis Center
There are many ghost stories and urban legends that teases the intelligence, and I have a personal experience that I think can nicely sit in with all of them.

You will find my story hard to believe, but then again, all mysteries are, right? Since it's hard to proof what you can't see and repeat, I'll leave it to you to believe it or not.  

Near where I live, there is an old Tuberculosis Center that is now owned by the state prison. The center is not being used by the prison for anything, it's just there—abandoned.

After World War 1, the building was used as an asylum for the traumatized soldiers. The building, with its walls cracked up and surrounded by creepers, looked really spooky from the outside, so my friends and I often took our girlfriends there to spooked them. We'd tell them fake scary stories and make them squeal. We'd get lots of fun out of it.  

One evening, we were all in Jason's car and we drove up to the TB Center. We were quite familiar with the ominous looking building from the outside, but none of us had ever been in. So, Jason made a bet offer.  

"I dare any of you to spend a night in there alone." Jason suddenly said.  
"Yeah right, as if you'd pay." I said without much thought..  

"Yes I will. Are you taking my offer, Jake?"  

I was silent. Everyone looked at me, waiting for a reply. Being a macho that I am, I didn't want to lose face, so I agreed.  

"You're on, Jason " I said, feeling regret immediately.  

It was set for the coming Saturday, so I made sure I was prepared for it. I charged my camcorder batteries, took additional tapes, torchlight, matches, cigarettes, snacks, and a few bottles of water.

Jason picked Julie and me from my house. (Julie is my steady) Mackie and his girl, Marie, were in the car as well. So, there were five of us in total.  

"Hmm...Are you sure you wanna go through with it, Jake?" Julie asked me, rubbing her nose against my cheek.  

"Hell Yeah." I said, hiding my fear.

We all got out of the car and walked to the building. We had to pass by the prison, so we were careful not be seen by the keeper there. We sneaked pass the sign that said: 'NO ENTRY. TRASPASSERS WILL BE PROCECUTED.'  

At the doorway to the TB Center, Julie began to feel weak in the knees and almost collapsed to the ground if my arm had not been around her waist..

"Hey, you okay?" 

"I'm feeling dizzy." She said.  

I asked Marie to take Julie to the car while we three guys entered the building.  

"Wow, it smells in here." Jason said, pinching his nose.

"I sure don't want to be the one staying here the entire night." Jason said with a smirk as he peeked at me from the corner of his eye.

"Yeah go ahead, try and discourage me. I smell nothing but a hundred bucks." I replied, sniggering.  

"Well, here's the spot, man—dead center of the building. It's the cleanest spot for you to lay, Jake." Mackie said, kicking some paper boxes away creating an empty enough space to lay down my stuff.  

"Whoooo, I'm sure glad to be outta here soon." Jason said, trying to start the video camera up. "Hey, did you charge the batteries, man? It's not turning on."  

I snatched the camcorder from him and checked it myself. Jason was right, there was no juice. I swear I had charged all three batteries just the night before; and they were fairly new batteries at that. I could not explain it.  

"Okay buddy, good luck with your stay at the Hilton madhouse." Jason laughed and walked toward the exit.

Mackie gave me a pat on my back. "See ya tomorrow," he said, and followed Jason out.  

I spun around slowly, checking what the place looked like. "Right...It'll be an easy hundred bucks, Jason my buddy. You sure are the loser." I said to myself, filling the silence with my voice.

I didn't like the spot where I was because it was stinky and dirty, so I grabbed my stuff and walked about. There was nothing frightening about the building, but my mind began to play tricks on me. Every movement that I made, created an exaggerated shadow. At times, my shadow looked like it was moving independently. What I mean was that it made strange shapes: like a bird with wings, or thin and tall, or moving when I wasn't. That was slowly, but surely, building fear into me. Nonetheless, I kept my head straight, and convinced myself it was only my imagination.

I found myself at the mess hall on the forth floor. It was dark, with some light occasionally coming in from the prison's watch tower. It looked fairly clean and there was no smell so I laid my things down and walk around a bit. I learnt, as I walked about, that it was not the best place to settle, as it was the place where the hard-core criminally insane had been housed. Images suddenly started popping up in my head, images that were disturbing. I saw men fighting and brutally beating one another. I couldn't understand why I suddenly began thinking of violent men and bloodied heads. It wasn't something I could control. I realised something was forcing these thoughts onto me. I even felt a sudden urge to scream, and I began to punch the air as though there were people around me. It was insane. I WAS INSANE!  

Then, suddenly, a loud BANG!

I was startled, but not afraid. I walked over to the next room to see what it was. I saw nothing, just some old mattresses and metal bed frames tucked against the badly dilapidated walls.  

"Woooh, this must be the isolation hall that the TB patients were left to die in," I thought. I don't know why I thought that, but that was the first thing that came to mind. The room gave plenty of evidence to support my theory. I saw a box containing some bottles with labels on them. There were even names on the labels, but I couldn't read them—they were too faded. I assumed they were medicine bottles. There were many rusty spoons and other metal things, like bed pans, and bolts and nuts and all. The bolts and nuts could have come from the dismantled beds.  

I was done investigating my surrounding. I rolled out my sleeping bag and slipped into it. I waited curiously for footsteps or something, but heard nothing. There was just a soft humming sound that came from the prison. Soon, I was asleep.  

Crack, crack, Creeeeeeeeech. SLAM!

I was awoken suddenly, and felt a sharp pain on my forehead. I felt something mushy and warm where the pain was. There was not enough light so I staggered to the window. The mushy thing on my fingers was blood. I was oozing blood from my forehead! I went over to my sleeping bag and saw a small thumb-size stone by the side. The stone was a part of the ceiling that had broken off and fallen down.

Pressing on my forehead, I went upstairs to see what had caused the sound. I walked into the room that was directly above the one I was sleeping in and saw that it was almost empty. There was only one thing in the room—a radiator. The radiator was lying face down on the floor. As I looked carefully, I saw that there were a scratch marks on the floor—the grooves were clean, as if made very recently, like seconds ago! I followed the scratch marks to the wall the radiator had been attached to, and saw some bolts on the floor. I picked one up and to my horror, it was clean and warm.

"How the F@#K...?"

The radiator must have been detached, dragged across the floor, and slammed down hard. The impact on the floor must have broken a piece of the ceiling downstairs, which hit my head.

Suddenly, the air turned freezing cold. I needed nothing more to tell me to get the hell out of there. I rushed down the stairs. I ran into hallways after hallways. I just couldn't find the exit. I couldn't think anymore and began to panic. I screamed out.


It felt like forever. I ran and ran desperately. I even tripped down the stairs and sprained my wrist. I didn't feel any pain then. Finally, I found myself in the kitchen and slammed myself against the back door. It crashed open and I tumbled onto the ground outside. I picked myself up and ran and didn't turn back.

"HEY YOU! STOP!" I heard someone shouting behind me.

I didn't stop. I kept on running. I ran pass a horse stable, and even heard horses stomping and making almost human-like laughter. Then, about a hundred feet ahead, I saw a car. There were two guys standing beside it. They were smoking.

Thank god, it's Jason and Mackie. Thank god they stayed, I thought. I shouted their names and ran toward them.

"Hey it's Jacob!" Mackie said.  

Jason turned to look. Marie came out of the car. They looked at me and laughed. I didn't understand why they were laughing. Mackie caught me as I tripped. I was shivering in fright. It was only then that they realised what I had been through.  

"Hey Jake, buddy. What's wrong?" Mackie asked.  

By this time, Julie had also rushed out to embraced me. I rushed into the car and urged them to leave quickly.

"What's wrong Jake? What did you see?" Jason asked, tickled.

"It's not funny man! Look at my head." I yelled out.

They all looked at me, puzzled.

"What's wrong with your head?" Julie asked.

I touched my forehead and there was nothing. I had no injury and there was no blood!

"Are you okay, man?" Jason asked. "What the hell happened in there?"  

I looked at everyone and gaped in disbelieve.

"Thank god you guys stayed through the night." I said finally.

"What are you talking about Jake? It hasn't been ten minutes since we left you?" Mackie and Jason said almost immediately in unison.  

There was nothing else I could say or think. I stared at them in total stupor.  

Jacob McFerrin, 23
Insurance Salesman , USA


Soulmate Notebook
I bought this notebook computer in September, 2001. It is one which has to be shutdown first before turning off the power switch. The computer knows if this shutdown procedure is followed lest it does extra steps during startup.

So what has a computer got to do with the paranormal? Well, during shutdown the read/write head of the hard drive makes some rapid knocking sounds, like di-dit, di-di-dit, di-di-di-dit, then a short message, "SAFE TO SWITCH POWER OFF" displays on the screen before the screen goes black.

Before I bought this notebook, perhaps over a year or so, I had been hearing this exact knocking sound on several different occasions. I would hear the di-dit, di-dit sounds almost regularly just before going to bed after staying up reading my books till the wee hours in the morning. The sound appeared to come from outside the window of my apartment. Every time I heard it I would wonder what it was!

So what was this sound I had been hearing? Was it some similar sound made by a woodpecker, a toy, water hammer in a plumbing some place, or a lunatic knocking on wood, plastic or steel, or anything else for that matter? The answer is NO.

The knocking sound is a sound like no other; it is a unique sound made by this type of notebook computer only. Could there have been an identical computer being shutdown elsewhere in the building or on the street? This is the closest possibility.

But NO, the computer has to be no more than about 3 to 5 feet from the ears, for the knocking sound is not really loud, and the surrounding must be absolutely noiseless for this sound to be heard.

Since I bought my notebook, I’ve not heard the knocking sound from outside the window anymore. I believe my notebook and I were destined to meet. It was only a matter of time.

Nowadays, my notebook and I are frequently up till the wee hours in the morning. It makes the unique, but familiar, knocking sound when I shut it down: dit..dit..didit.

Do you believe there is something out there that belongs to you and it knows it? Could it be that it’s waiting for you?

Rodolfo B Martin



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