True Ghosts Stories
are hard to find but we
have plenty of them
right here.

Hello, I would like to introduce you
to the many evils that plague our rapidly declining world.

No one wants to believe, or admit, that we are
governed by external forces—mainly the dark. Well, here are some
stories that could just change their minds.

When you read on, you will encounter
true stories submitted by people from all over the globe. Well, their stories are, of course, subjected to your beliefs. If one's adamant belief
is that the sun revolves around the Earth, than one will never likely
believe the Earth is in fact doing the travelling.

Ghost, Demons, Vampires, Poltergeists, Satan, and
the Devil, are just some known western names labeling the forces of the dark. In the east, they are called Puntianak, Tuju-Tuju, Hantu, Orang Minjak, Bhoot, and many more, far too many to list them all here.

I welcome you to give me your theories against
the existence of Ghosts and Demons and all the Evils. I will even
put them on this site. I will let the believers see both sides of the coin
and let them decide for themselves what they want to believe.

I, for one, have heard and
experienced far too many of these forces to debunk any.

All experiences are in one's own mind,
so who has the right to say whether one did or did not see
a ghost, a demon, a vampire, or any apparitions
for that matter.

We shall not go too deep in the
rationalisations, let's begin our journey into
the unknown.

Enter Ghosts Stories