Funding for Coal Stockpile Project
Now anyone can be a part of Coal Mining Business.

According to the 2010 BP Statistical Energy Survey, Indonesia had 2009 coal reserves of 4328 million tons, or 0.52% of the world total . Indonesia uses around 20% of her coal in the domestic market and exports the rest to countries like Japan, China, and South Korea. And the market is expanding.

Our company, Asia Strategic Mining Corporation (ASMC) is a Singapore company with mining rights in Indonesia. ASMC was initiated in 2009 by a group of professionals and experience Miners  from South Korea,  Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia  and Singapore who came together to venture into the  tumultuous field of natural resources product.

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ASMC has recently embarked on a joint collaboration with a marketing company, Black Mineral, to fund its expanded projects. These smaller projects require new pits to be mined and additional operating capital of around $2 million per pit. Black Mineral's marketing strategy is to involve many smaller funders. The small funder will now be able to tap into this lucrative Coal Mining business.

The details of the amount of funding and profit sharing is shown in the chart below.

The minimum amount required for funding is 10,000 Singapore dollars. At SGD 10,000 the payout profit is 1%(SGD 100) per month starting from the forth month. The first three months is the perparatory stage when no mining is conducted. At the end of the forth month, ASMC will debit into the funder's stated bank account the 1%(SGD 100).

From SGD 20,000 to SGD 40,000, the payout is 2% every month starting from the forth month.

At SGD 50,000 and above the payout is 3%. (See chart above)

All contracts will be submitted to IRAS(Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) for stamp of legitimacy.

If you are interested to be a funder, please contact Shan (hp: 90627797 or email:
For phone contact, please call after 3 pm.








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